Garage Door Dave

You should be seeing a picture of a pretty garage door. What you really want is someone to fix your garage door that really knows what he is doing, and at the same time won't take advantage of you. Meet Dave! His goal at the end of each and every repair is for you to have absolutely no doubt that you made the right choice. Serving the greater Jacksonville area Dave understands how your garage door is supposed to work and will restore it to the best possible working condition at a reasonable price. Call for a free estimate. Whether it's spring replacement or repairing your door opener or even replacing your door opener, there's only one number that you want to call. Most repairs can be quoted over the phone, although some require inspection to determine an accurate price. Dave believes in taking care of his customers, not just with a fair price but also with the quality of the work done. And... Dave does the work so he has control over that quality. He understands that what is best for you today is what is best for his business in the long run. Click on the buttons at the top to see more about the specific service that you need.

Hi! I'm Dave and I am dedicated to providing the best service possible for my customers at a reasonable price. I've always laughed about the fact that if I do my job right I probably won't hear from my customer for the next four or five years, but my customers have been good to me and I do eventually hear from them again, and from their neighbors, and from their friends. I really appreciate the loyalty that my customers have shown over the years and would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You

As many of my customers have found out over the years, I am more than willing to coach you through some of the simpler problems on the phone. Some of them, like how to adjust the eyes (safety sensors) on your door opener so that the door will close, I do because if I have to drive to you I pretty much have to charge for a service call to justify the time I spend getting to you, and I hate charging people when the problem is fixed in the first thirty seconds that I am there. Sometimes this sounds like it's going to be complicated but trust me, if you can bend enough to touch the sensors, together we can get them working. Programming remotes is another one of those things where I can provide the knowledge and you can fix the problem. Programming the built in "Home Link" remotes in many of the newer cars frustrates the stew out of a lot of people. Call me, we can do it.

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