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Does Your Door Opener Need To Be Fixed

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Here's the insides of a Sears door opener. The white gear just to the right of center is what wears out. The most common problem with a door opener is when you can hear the motor run but the door does not move. If you have a Sears Craftsman, Liftmaster, Chamberlain or Accessmaster door opener (they're all the same internal parts as they are all made by Chamberlain) this usually is caused by the main drive gear, which is made out of nylon, wearing out. Along with replacing the gear set, I replace the critical bushings, lubricate the motor bushings, clean the limit switch contacts, and make all of the necessary adjustments including the tension on the spring so that the gears will last another ten to fifteen years.

If you have a Genie screw drive door opener, the next most popular door opener in the market, the problem is most likely either the trolley or the coupler that ties the motor to the screw. Whether it's the aforementioned problems, or safety sensors or circuit boards, or a totally different brand of door opener diagnosing the problem comes easy to me. Call to discuss your specific problem and get a quote on a quality garage door opener repair.


Does Your Door Opener Need To Be Replaced

Here we are at Home Depot. They typically have a good stock of the B750. The least expensive way for you to get your garage door opener replaced with a quality unit is for you to go to Lowes, Home Depot, or Amazon and buy a Chamberlain Chain Drive or Belt Drive. It's worth checking all three places as prices fluctuate due to mystical reasons. (Chamberlain actually makes the Liftmaster units as well as Accessmaster, Garagemaster and a few other units (and the internal parts are all the same, just the paint jobs are different). Then have me install it. The only brand I will install is Chamberlain. I install a lot of these units and have had almost no warranty issues with any of them. The critical point when choosing which unit to actually purchase is what features you want to have included. You have a choice of one or two remotes, a keypad for outside the door that works like a remote but you have to put your personal code into it, a deluxe wall button or just a standard doorbell type of button, and do you want it to be WiFi ready so you can work it from your cell phone from anywhere in the world. All of these units have way more horsepower than it takes to open the garage door. The door opener will run between $140 and $380 depending on what features you get. The most common unit I install is 3/4 HP Chamberlain belt drive door opener (model B750 shown here at Home Depot) with 2 remotes, a keypad and a deluxe wall button, and is WiFi ready so you can run it with your smartphone. The thing I like best about this model is the belt and the motor are both covered by a lifetime parts warranty and the gears (discussed at the top of the page) are part of the motor and therefore also covered. As of early April 2021, Home Depot has had the best price at $198 plus tax, so roughly $213. I charge $160 to install it (total $373), and will do so according to the instructions (yeah, go ahead and laugh ladies, I actually have read the instructions). I am very meticulous about the way I install garage door openers because if the clearances and geometry are not set up properly the door opener is capable of actually damaging the garage door. I can also supply the door opener, for an additional $50 and typically use that same Chamberlain model B750, but I'm willing to supply any Chamberlain unit that is readily available.

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